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Building assets to the future.

The digital revolution is only just beginning. New technologies will continue to take over large market shares from traditional companies. We are helping to redesign the world and build digital values.

Have any Questions? +41 (0)61 533 75 25


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In order to contribute to the fight against terrorist financing and money laundering, we must collect, verify and store identification information about any natural or legal person who wishes to become a partner.

We will ask for your name, address, date of birth and other information to identify you. We will also ask you for your identity card or passport and confirmation of your registered address.

Your data will of course be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.


I and, where applicable, the person(s) for whose account I am acting are each separately qualified investors within the meaning of one of the following categories:

*** A wealthy private individual is a person who confirms in writing that he has direct or indirect financial deposits of at least CHF 2 million net. Financial investments include bank deposits, trust assets, securities (including collective capital contributions and structured products), derivatives, precious metals and life insurance policies with surrender value. Financial investments do not include direct investments in real estate and social security claims (including 2nd and 3rd pillar assets). Confirmation of existing financial investments must be received at the latest at the time of the offer or distribution of the collective investment scheme. The existence of the necessary financial investments must be verified by the advertiser or provider of collective investment schemes if there are doubts as to whether the necessary conditions for being considered a wealthy private individual have been fulfilled. A written confirmation may be waived if the required financial investments have been deposited with the bank or securities dealer that simultaneously offers or distributes the collective investment schemes.

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